They charged the bus driver who drove drunk and crashed in the center

It was news what happened this Thursday in the city of Salta when there was a sinister road through the capital’s downtown having among its protagonists a group, standing out that the driver of this vehicle was driving drunk, now he was imputed by the justice.

According to the information shared by Criminal Prosecutors, Pablo Rivero, criminal prosecutor provisionally charged the driver for culpable injuries, who remains detained at the Alcaidia.

It should be noted that He handled intern 692 of corridor 6 of public passenger transport when, minutes before 2:00 p.m., he collided with a motorized cargo parked at the intersection of Pellegrini and Mendoza.

After the collision between the vehicles, the driver of the motorcycle load was thrown by the force of the impact, having to be taken later to the San Bernardo hospital for medical attention since he presented head, face and lower limb trauma.

The most striking fact came when the prosecutor Rivero Rivero requested a rapid breathalyzer test on the two drivers; the motor load registered 0.00 degrees but the bus driver had 2.55.

It is for all this that Rivero requested the Court of Guarantees 5, the arrest of the 44-year-old driver and a retrospective breathalyzer test. During the impeachment hearing, the accused abstained from testifying and was assisted by a public defender.

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