They came back from the US, had a party and were infected with the Delta variant

The Secretary of Health of the province of Santa Fe, Jorge Prieto, and the Minister of Health, Sonia Martorano, confirmed this Tuesday that there are 22 people isolated on suspicion of being ill with the Delta variant of Covid.

Officials said that the origin of the outbreak is linked to a birthday that was celebrated in a private country in São Tomé in which three minors who had returned from the United States days ago participated.

The little ones are asymptomatic and the rapid test had been carried out, which was negative. However, days later, with the PCR it was discovered that they are infected with that strain.

Prieto said that so far 10 cases have been confirmed throughout the province, based on controls at the Santa Fe borders.

“Eight cases were detected in Rosario, one in Rafaela and another in the city of Santo Tomé. As for the high probability of these three cases, which also correspond to the city of São Tomé, at this moment the sequencing is being carried out to confirm it, ”he said.

The official then pointed out: “There is a small delay in the diagnostic issue. In 48 or 72 hours we will have the confirmation. We are facing a variant (Delta) that has a very short incubation period and high contagiousness ”.

Prieto said that in the latter the protocols were almost respected, which include carrying out PCR and a rapid test at the airport. These tests were negative.

“As much as the rapid negative test in Ezeiza, we must comply with the quarantine, it is very important to be able to enjoy this moment that shows us optimism. On the seventh day we indicated a PCR after isolation ”, said the secretary.

For her part, the mayor of Santo Tomé, Daniela Qüesta, also referred to the detection of suspected cases of the delta variant.

“This situation highlights the need for us to continue to comply with the protocols, not to trust ourselves even when we are feeling well,” he said, adding: “We know that we are all tired of the restrictions and that no one infects on purpose, but the risk that this variant represents forces us to remain vigilant ”.

Regarding preventive measures, the mayor stated: “We are working under the presumption that the cases correspond to the Delta variant because the people arrived from the United States, where 90% of the cases correspond to that strain.”

Source: The Citizen

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