They burned the front door of the house and they ask for 10 thousand dollars: they suspect a drug lord in prison

The house is meters from Zuviría and Teniente Agneta.

The claim for a sum in dollars turned into a nightmare for a family from the Azcuénaga neighborhood, which in the last hours suffered two arson attacks on the facade of their home and received a letter with the typical phrase “silver or lead”, in addition to announcements of shooting attacks and death threats. As a background, spokesmen for the case slipped that it is possible that the tightening comes from a drug dealer who lost money due to a truncated investment in the country La Carolina, an operation in which the victim intervened in the preparation of the papers of a property.

The gate of the house located meters from an ochava from Zuviría and Teniente Agneta looks scorched, a consequence of the fire caused by a man who first threw a molotov, and the following night, this Tuesday, he doused with fuel and set fire. The aggressor, say neighbors, is mobilized in a black car: “Some believe it is a Corolla, others a black Focus that was standing for a long time on the corner.”

One of the attacks was committed on Tuesday night, in the heat of the hours before the storm. A witness said he saw a man who was with a jerrycan on the ground, and after spraying fuel he ran and got into a car on the scene. “He had a red, faded jacket over a gray hooded sweatshirt that covered his head. The jacket contrasted with the gleaming car, “said a neighbor who had taken the dog for a walk.

In the midst of neighborhood groups, it turned out that a 61-year-old man who lives in the house reported at the 14th police station that on Monday he received several phone calls demanding $ 10,000, or else his house would be shot and, in case if he continued without paying, they were going to kill one of his children or his wife. After one of the arson attacks, a note with the legend “Parrot, silver or lead” was found under the door.

The victim assured that in a communication they announced that they were going to spray the house with shots in a period of 20 minutes, when he went to the personal home of the 14th police station to prevent the attack.

According to sources in the case, the victim decided to move part of her family to a safer place. As a possible motive for the threats, said the complainant cited by investigators, there is a conflict with a man linked to drug trafficking who is detained in the Ezeiza federal prison, who in 2019 invested in a lot in the country Golf Club La Carolina del west of Rosario, but the investment ended badly and now it claims the money, since the recipient of the threats intervened in the preparation of the bill of sale.

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