They assure that Cristian Castro was chosen by Pope Francis to sing his songs: the details

Cristian castro He could become the first Mexican artist to sing a song composed by the Supreme Pontiff. According to the site El Heraldo México, the 46-year-old singer and actor would have assured that the Pope Francisco He invited him to the Vatican to sing two songs that he himself wrote.

The surprising testimony of the son of Veronica Castro and Manuel “El Loco” Valdés would have been picked up in the program hosted by Pati Chapoy “Ventaneando”. If this meeting takes place, it would not be the first time that the current pope meets the interpreter of “Raining stars.”

In 2016, Cristian castro received with a special song papa Francisco after his first visit to Mexico. The welcome to the Argentine pontiff was with a staging at the airport where there was a musical number, typical Mexican dances and thousands of people chanting to the Papa. On that occasion, other great artists of the stature of Belinda, Diego Verdaguer and Pedro Fernández participated.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago Cristian revealed in an interview why he does not see his older children, Simone and Mikhail Zarathustra, who reside in the United States. “Now with the pandemic, I don’t want to infect them, neither do they to me, I live in Los Angeles, they live in Miami” and “Right now the focus of the pandemic I think is in Miami, the truth is that I don’t see them much, in this pandemic, it has been impossible ”, assured the Latin artist.

While in another interview Castro He had pointed out that he does not consider himself a good father: “My position is a bit selfish, however you want to see it, but unfortunately I am not that fond of it, because it is unfortunate. I would like to be more fond of being a father, closer, but finally the song I’m doing draws more attention to me, the trip that is coming, it gains my attention to what is happening musically ”.

Source: Instagram Cristian Castro Pop


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