They asked her if she had gone vegan because she no longer ate meat and her answer went viral

Argentina is famous for its delicious beef cuts. Restaurants from all over the world recognize the quality of Argentine meat and export it to serve it in their own premises. For the ordinary citizen, however, it became a luxury that not everyone can afford. And when you add the high prices with the delicate economic situation that the country is going through, you have a viral tweet.

This Thursday, a user on the popular bird network shared her unusual response to a question that acquaintances ask her about her new diet. From account @RegaloGatites, wrote: “They asked me if I had become vegan or vegetarian because I stopped eating meat, I said yes because I was ashamed to say that I am a monotributist“.

The innocent post caught the attention of Internet users, who a few hours after its publication left him more than 15.4 thousand “I like it” and almost 1,000 retweets. But, as always, the best of the viral moment were the responses. “What a good tweet, argento at its best“commented one user, summing up the sentiment of the wave of responses that followed the viral tweet.

User response on Twitter

The first to feel identified were the monotributistas, who expressed their sympathy under the post: “Monotributustas are vegetarians and at the end of the month we always go raw. 1 carrot and bye“, “We are a few who are becoming vegetarians by force haha” and “Vegan by obligation not by choice“were some of the comments.

On the other hand, not everyone seems to have the same bad time: “I am a monotributista and this weekend I have a lamb on the stake with a vertical tasting of Cabernet Sauvignon …“boasted another user, who earned his own slightly more negative comments.

The monotributistas were soon joined by other occupations that do not pay for the cut of meat every Sunday: “Me too retired we are the same“, “O student….“, “There are a few of us who are forcibly becoming vegetarian haha“On a grimmer note due to the framework of this pandemic crisis, an Internet user from Misiones commented: “… I told them I gave because I was ashamed to say that I am a health staff“.

For its part, the account behind the tweet took the 15 minutes of fame calmly, assuring the few comments that criticized him for hiding his work: “It’s a joke, sister. See if I’m going to be ashamed to work“.

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