They asked entrepreneurs to freeze the prices of 900 products until January

In his first meeting with executives of mass consumption companies, the new Secretary of Commerce, Roberto Feletti asked the companies to keep the prices of some 900 products frozen until the end of the year. This includes food, hygiene items and cleaning products and also those that were included in the Care Prices Program.

“It was asked to maintain the same prices for food and beverages that they had on October 1 until December 31 or January 7”, commented to Infobae an industry source. The meeting with the secretary was attended by companies producing food, cleaning products and personal hygiene such as Arcor, Molinos, La Serenísima and Mondelez, among others. There are about 30 companies which, due to their weight in each of the items, are the ones that concentrate most of the supply of mass consumer products.

“It was a specific request from the Secretary of Commerce to companies to maintain the same prices that they had on October 1. There will be meetings with companies and sectors next week to review specific cases “, they detailed.

Official sources added that it is a price agreement, not a freeze. As confirmed, they are working together with businessmen and supermarkets to expand the list of products included in Care Prices (take it from 670 to approximately 900) and that these products have the same price from October 1 to January 7, 2022.

Feletti will meet this Wednesday also with the chambers that group supermarkets, wholesalers and warehouses. Among them, the United Supermarket Association (ASU), which brings together the largest chains; the Argentine Chamber of Supermarkets (CAS), which groups together the interior chains and smaller ones; Argentine Federation of Supermarkets and Self-services (Fasa); the Argentine Chamber of Distributors and Wholesale Self-Services (Cadam) and the Federation of Warehouses.

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