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(In context: Son of Jorge 40 aspires to the Chamber through the peace seats)

Tovar intends to reach the House of Representatives through Cesar’s department through a Special Circumscription of Peace number 12, with the endorsement of the “Asociación Paz Es Vida Pa-Vida”.

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“Despite the heinous crimes alias ‘Jorge 40’ is committed to, his son Jorge Rodrigo Tovar Velez He has publicly maintained that he is a simple political prisoner. This creates a conflict of interest for his person and the eventual representation as a Congressman, regarding the rights and representation of the rights of the victims of the Northern Block of the AUC, because the vocation of these seats is exclusively to represent the victims and the territories. We are concerned that they are used as electoral springboards for family enclaves protagonists of phenomena such as parapolitics, “said Antonio Sanguino in the document.

One of the last renovations to the Elliptical Hall of the Capitol was in 2011.


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In conversation with EL TIEMPO, Jorge Rodrigo Tovar assured that he considers himself a victim of an armed conflict because he had to move four times from his hometown, Valledupar. In addition, he stressed that he is part of the official census of victims of the armed conflict of the Single Registry of Victims (RUV).

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His initiative has generated great controversy among the victims and some sectors of the Government, who reject his aspiration for the next elections in 2022 to the House of Representatives.

The High Commissioner for Peace, Juan Camilo RestrepoHe pointed out that these 16 seats should be exclusively for the people who were truly victims of the armed conflict. In his opinion, Tovar is related to a perpetrator.

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“What cannot happen is that those 16 seats in some cases will be lent so that the perpetrators are going to play an important role or are going to determine who will occupy those seats, so that the message is that those 16 seats are occupied by those who were truly victims in Colombia, “said Restrepo.

The National Movement of Victims of State Crimes (Movice), stated about Tovar’s aspiration that they consider this fact “as an affront to the dignity and memory of the more than 21,000 victims left by paramilitarism in Colombia, that Jorge Rodrigo Tovar, son of the former paramilitary ‘Jorge 40 ′ Intends to be part of the 16 seats established for the victims, in the Final Peace Agreement ”.

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