They ask for help for a 5-year-old girl with a brain tumor: "Everything possible was done in Cuba"

A request for help for a five-year-old Cuban girl from Santa Clara, Villa Clara province, which suffers from a brain tumor, has gone viral on social networks since its publication on Monday.

Little Mia Angelina Sánchez must be operated on for the condition and in Cuba there is no technology (via laser) for the procedure. “The same oncologist was the one who suggested that we had to look for another country,” he told CiberCuba a friend of the family.

From the “José Luis Miranda Instituto” Pediatric Hospital, the girl was referred to the National Institute of Oncology and Radiobiology (INOR) to receive chemotherapy treatment. The doctor recommends a proper diet with proteins and minerals and not to expose yourself to dust and dirt, among other indications.

“He has a Glioma (brain tumor) and everything possible was done in Cuba. His father, who in Paz Descanse, died of this same disease two years ago at only 34 years of age. On behalf of his family we ask for HUMANITARIAN HELP. Please share so that this case goes as far as possible “, writes the mother’s friend on Facebook.

The publication has been shared by about 4,000 users and the comments show the willingness to help in the midst of the health crisis that the country is going through.

Similar requests come to light with some frequency on social networks from Cuba. At the end of July, family members of a child with chronic kidney disease They requested humanitarian aid to treat him abroad, after he was admitted for more than a month at the “William Soler” Pediatric Hospital in Havana.

In that case, the illness of the child under 7 years of age was aggravated by a picture of malnutrition and anemia, without the specialists offering an optimistic diagnosis or possible solutions for the condition.

Another problem that hits Cuban families is the shortage of medicines, for which requests are also made on the networks. More recently, a Cuban mother stated that her 3-year-old son, a hematology patient, needed cytostatic serums as they were not available in the hospital where the child was being treated.

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