They ask for 6 to 15 years in prison for Cuban opponents in Matanzas who protested on June 11

Sentences of between six and 15 years in prison were requested by the Cuban authorities for activists of the Pedro Luis Boitel Democracy Party arrested in Matanzas during the mass anti-government protests of 11J.

The defendants are Francisco Rangel Manzano, Tania Echevarría Menéndez, Sissi Abascal Zamora, Leylandis Puentes Vargas, Félix Navarro Rodríguez and Sayli Navarro.

Rangel Manzano, in the Canaleta-Matanzas prison, is asked for a joint sanction of seven years of deprivation of liberty, denounced his wife, Regla Burunate.

“My husband was arrested on July 11 and is currently in prison, more or less 30 meters from the demonstration, he was detained by State Security. At the moment, he is under a precautionary measure of provisional imprisonment under a charge of contempt and public disorder, “he told CiberCuba.

“The fiscal requests for these brothers are shameful, Tania 7 years in prison, Sissi 6 years, Leylandis 8 years, Francisco 7 years, Felix 15 years and Sayli 11 years,” he said in a publication on social networks.

“Dictators know that every day they make their people hate them more, that their people are more rebellious and that each day that passes they love them less in power,” he said, while asking not to abandon the detainees.

“Today they are, tomorrow any relative of you. Immediate freedom for all those arrested on July 11. Let’s not be silent because it is what the regime wants ”, he concluded.

Navarro Rodríguez is in the Aguica-Matanzas maximum security prison; Saily Navarro Álvarez, also a Lady in White, is awaiting trial with a precautionary measure of house arrest, as are Sissi Abascal Zamora and Tania Echevarría. Leylandis Puente Vargas is in the Canaleta-Matanzas prison.

A similar situation Six other opponents and activists from Placetas, in the province of Villa Clara, go through, who participated in the 11J protests, for which the Villa Provincial Prosecutor’s Office requested up to eight years of deprivation of liberty.

Arianna López Roque, Donaida Pérez Paseiros, Nidia Bienes Paseiros, Loreto Hernández García, Ciro Alexis Casanova Pérez and Mitzael Díaz Paseiros could serve this sentence if the measure requested by the Villa Clara authorities is approved.

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