They arrested 26 people for theft of vehicles with inhibitors

Some 26 people were arrested in a mega-operation for stealing vehicles with inhibitors, reported the Directorate Of Crimes Against Property (DGIC).

The detainees are members of three criminal gangs that they steal vehicles, mainly high-end, to dismantle them and sell their parts, affirmed to Radio Universidad, the Prosecutor of Instruction of District 1 Turn 4, Rubén Caro.

Organizations used to work together or exchanged personnel. SAccording to the prosecutor, the investigation is driven by at least 60 complaints of theft.

The mega-operation, dubbed “Triada”, took place this Wednesday morning and consisted of a series of raids at various points in the city of Córdoba. Were achieved hijack stolen vehicles, cash, auto parts, jammers, and appliances.

The prosecutor advanced: “There are various charges, most are for illicit association.”

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