They are looking for a Magellan who disappeared this week while window dressing in the Meiggs neighborhood

Christian García’s family began their search after he disappeared last Monday while window-shopping through the Meiggs neighborhood in the capital, a city where he arrived from Punta Arenas with his partner.

A Magellan who turned 41 yesterday has been lost in the Metropolitan region since Monday, after losing track of him in the barrio Meiggs.

“We need people to share, to spread the word, to please help us there in Santiago,” said his girlfriend, Nilda.

Christian Ricardo García Barrientos flew with his partner and his five-year-old daughter to visit Santiago, Concepción, Viña del Mar and Valparaíso. The girl stayed in the Valparaíso region under the care of a relative, while her parents traveled to the capital to buy christmas gifts.

Both went on Monday to the Meiggs neighborhood, a sector of Santiago where fairs, street shops and Chinese malls abound. That was the last place Christian was seen. The couple broke up into the crowd at almost 3:00 p.m. on that Monday.

“I looked for it for about three and a half hours, because I was calculating the time. Then I was able to find Carabineros who took me to a sentry box that they had. I was waiting for another half hour. Unfortunately around 7:00 pm I had to come, because I have the girl who was waiting for me in Valparaíso ”, said his girlfriend.

Carabinieri waited for Christian at the sentry box and made rounds for Meiggs, but as the night passed the merchants withdrew and Garcia did not appear.

Therefore, Nilda filed a complaint before the authorities so that the search work is prolonged. He also communicated with the relatives of his boyfriend in Punta Arenas and his sister traveled to Santiago yesterday.

The last time Christian was seen, he was wearing light blue checkered shorts and a black T-shirt with drawings of Transformers. He has his arms and legs tattooed and is 1.70 meters tall. He is thick-built and has a dark complexion.

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