They appreciate the human warmth of the Municipal Hospital of Monte Hermoso

Diego Restucci fulfilled that same night with half of the “medical prescription” that a doctor from the “Ramón Carrillo” Municipal Hospital in Monte Hermoso made on paper, handwritten, for his daughter Lara, a victim of a bite. And in the last hours he completed the recipe: “ravioli and ice cream”.

Tomorrow the man and his family end their vacation stay at the Sauce Grande spa, the satellite town of Monte Hermoso, where they spent the second consecutive summer stay, as they say they are “in love” with the place.

In the talk he had this afternoon with the drafting from THE COMPASS 24 the tourist promised to return next year to the same place, to recharge and rest on the seashore 150 kilometers from Bahía Blanca.

Reasons to return are not lacking: a place away from the “noise” of the city, a lot of shade and the necessary tranquility to be able to “face” the remainder of the year well “plugged in”.

Restucci lives in La Plata, is a journalist and works in Bernal, Buenos Aires Quilmes party.

He has been going through minutes of great concern when his daughter suffered a bite from an unknown animal.

“At the Ramón Carrillo Hospital we were treated by a doctor on duty, I imagine that he was overwhelmed by work in the middle of the pandemic. But the guy, with a lot of patience and sympathy, reassured us. He treated Lara with great love, gave her corticosteroids in droplets (“so as not to puncture her”) and recommended that we wait an hour to check her again. Thank heaven, everything went well, “he said in a post he made on Facebook.

Aware of the power of social networks, the colleague achieved the task that his post transcends and it is known what kind of professional and especially human, he attended at the Monterrey health center when he arrived with a nervous wreck with his allergic daughter .

“The doctor agreed that it could be a spider, due to the characteristics of the bite,” he said in the conversation with this medium.

“I had never been to the Monte hospital. Once we got to the city (some 10 kilometers away from the Sauce Grande spa), with the cell phone’s GPS we got to the health center, where we did not see situations close to the Covid but rather ‘beach things’ “, he added.

The municipal hospital of Monte Hermoso.

“A Maori from Buenos Aires”

Restucci and his family waited a few minutes until they were diagnosed. Also a prescription of those that could never have imagined.

In the parking lot, they witnessed the coming and going of many people, and the arrival and departure of the ambulance without rest. A typical task in the public effector of a city that has a habitual overcrowding every summer.

“That big, long-haired, tattooed doctor, a Maori from Buenos Aires, discharged him not without first prescribing – on paper! – ravioli and chocolate ice cream. I have no words of appreciation that reach. They took out our fears and made us smile, guys and girls who do not sleep for hours in the middle of the pandemic, being there, in front of misfortunes and fears, “said Restucci.

“He managed to calm us on the touch. It was okay to say that I was not going to give him steroids. And that the guy was busted … that they take that time to attend like this, it’s great, “said the father.

No more slapping

“In Mar del Plata they want to blow the doctors out; it’s crazy. I do not know if it will be luck or what, but we have never had problems with doctors when we have had to resort to them “, Restucci told THE COMPASS 24 and he clarified that “it is not the first time that they have to go to a hospital urgently; the first with Lara happened to us in Entre Ríos, when she was very little ”.

“That empathy and that gift of people cannot and should not be ignored at a sadly time of great individualism,” he said.

The message reached the recipient

Pig It is the last name of the doctor who brought relief to that anguished father by the bite that his daughter had.

“I said thank you a thousand times, but the context did not allow me to tell him everything I felt. We know that his classmates and his daughter read what I published on social networks, which I think he must be aware of, ”said Restucci.

At the end of the Facebook post that made the story known in the newsrooms of different media, Lara’s father assured: “Let’s not mistreat those who take care of us, not even in despair. Thanks doc for the ice cream ravioli! “

Some mimes that go and others that come. Feelings that, in times of vanity and lack of empathy, are listed on the stock market.

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