They agree to a salary increase of 47% for university teachers

Unanimously between The unions and national authorities agreed to a total annual salary increase of 47% for university teaching staff.

It was confirmed by sources of the National Government, after a new joint meeting between the parties, headed by the Minister of Education of the Nation, Nicolas Trotta together with the secretary of University Policies, Jaime Perczyk, and union representatives CONADU, CONADU HISTÓRICA, FEDUN, FAGDUT, UDA and CTERA.

“It was resolved to incorporate into the joint agreement closed in May 2021 for university teachers, the salary increase of 12% will be applied to the salaries of March 2021, with the following distribution: 6% in September; 2% in October 2021, the increase for that month totaling 7%; and 4% in January 2022 ”, it was officially indicated.

In this way, this benefit of 12% is added to the 35% already agreed in May.

On the other hand, It was decided to double the connectivity bonus to $ 2,000 per month for teachers and extend it in time at least until March 2022.

After the agreement was signed, Minister Trotta said: “Today we continue the process of recomposing university salaries, in the context of the complex situation of recent years. We have to strengthen salaries from parity and deploy economic policies that allow us to contain inflation, because we understand and greatly value the commitment of the university system and its organizations ”.

Finally, the parties agreed to hold a new monitoring table, which will be held during the second half of December 2021.

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