They admitted a protection of the Portal de Belén but the IVE is still in force

The Federal Chamber of Córdoba admitted the appeal filed by the Portal de Belén with the intention that legal abortion be declared unconstitutional in Córdoba.

With the positive votes of Eduardo Avalos and Ignacio M. Vélez Funes and dissent from the Chamber Judge Graciela Montesi, the Chamber considered that the presentation had the requirement of a “judicial case” for which it ordered the Judge of First Instance to treat to the same.

Thus, the Chamber decided to “revoke in all its parts the resolution issued on 6/30/2021 by Federal Judge No. 1 of Córdoba, as soon as he ordered the immediate rejection of the collective amparo action filed by the Civil Association Portal de Belén in order to declare null and unenforceable throughout the national territory, articles 1, 2, 4, 5, 16 and 21 of Law 27,610, as it establishes the right of the pregnant person to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy. ”(SEE: They rejected an injunction presented by the Portal de Belén against Legal Abortion)

“The Court consequently ordered that the Judge of first instance process the present amparo action and proceed in accordance with Agreed Nos. 32/14 and 12/16 of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, having to ensure the timely participation of those persons (human or legal) who may have an opposing interest in relation to the claim made here “.

Finally, the judges decided not to allow the precautionary measure requested before this instance, the interested party having to raise the same before the Judge of grade.

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