These investment banks recommend buying shares because “the current rate of inflation is temporary”

The market believes that the increase in inflation in the United States could cause a downturn in the Actions, however, analysts from Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan They recommend taking advantage of the losses to increase the position in these assets because they consider that the rise in prices of goods and services will be temporary.

Specifically, Goldman Sachs strategists, led by David Kostin, published in their client report: “Despite near-term uncertainty, we expect the equity market to continue to rally as investors gain confidence that the current pace of inflation is transitory.”

From all-time highs, the S&P 500 fell nearly 6% in just over a month. In any case, although it is a relatively important drop, the truth is that it is negligible considering the rise of around 100% that the index has gone through since March of last year.

“We believe that this decline will be a good buying opportunity, as the 5% setbacks have done in the past.”, added the investment bank specialists.

For their part, JP Morgan strategists, led by Mislav Matejka, commented: “We finally got some weakness after 330 days with no retracement of no more than 5%, but we don’t expect it to last, and we recommend buying on the dip.”

Although the experts at these major investment banks consider it a good idea to buy more Actions Taking advantage of the recent falls, the truth is that everything will depend on the investor profile and the time horizon of each one.

In addition, the potential risk must be taken into account, since it involves a market that is highly overvalued, even comparing it with other phases that were followed by important and destructive crises such as in 2000 and 2008.


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