These are today’s ephemeris, Monday, October 11

1629 – The Franciscan priest, missionary and evangelizer Fray Luis de Bolaños, translator of the catechism into Guaraní, dies.

1844 – Henry John Heinz, founder of the first prepared food company, is born.

1846 – Carlos Enrique José Pellegrini was born, who was a lawyer, journalist, translator, portraitist and politician who became president of the nation between 1890 and 1892. Despite his short presidential term, Pellegrini managed to get the country out of a deep situation economic and created the Banco de la Nación Argentina.

1862 – The Los Dos Chinos confectionery is founded in Buenos Aires.

1869 – The Military College of the Argentine Nation is created.

1878 – Julio Argentino Roca starts the so-called “Desert” Campaign against the southern tribes of the country.

1885 – Alicia Moreau de Justo was born, who was a British physician and politician who is one of the most prominent figures in feminism and national socialism. With only 21 years, she founded the Feminist Movement and that was the kick for the Socialist Party to take into account to belong to its ranks.

1894 – Luis Angel Firpo was born, who was a boxer considered the father of this sport in our country that has been called “The bull of the Pampas”. In September 1923 he faced the champion Jack Dempsey whom he knocked down, but it was not enough to win the world title.

1904 – Laura Ana Merello, better known as Tita Merello, was born, who was one of the most important actress and singer of tango and milonga in our history. Some of his most outstanding films were “Los isleros”, “Ídolos de entrecasa”, “Filomena Marturano”, “La fuga” and “La madre María”.



1961– Chico Marx, American actor and comedian who was part of the Marx Brothers, dies.

1961 – Miriam Alejandra Bianchi, better known as “Gilda”, was born, who was a teacher, singer and songwriter of cumbia. She has been one of the forerunners of this genre and some of her most outstanding songs were “I don’t regret this love”, “You were” and “Don’t stay out”.

1962 – Pope John XXIII inaugurates the Second Vatican Council in the Holy See, destined to promote the development of the Catholic faith, achieve a moral renewal of Christian life, among other goals, with reforms that will give impetus to the preferential option for the poor.

1963 – Edith Giovanna Gassion, better known as Edith Piaf, died, who was a French film and theater actress and singer and considered one of the most famous of the last century. Some of his musical hits were “La vie en rose”, “Mon manege a moi”, “Sous le ciel de Paris” and “La foule”.

1965 – Born Coy Luther Perry III better known as Luke Perry, who was an American actor who was featured on various television shows. Some of his most successful appearances were in “Beverly Hills 90210”, “Riverdale”, “Jeremiah”, “John from Cincinnati” and “Windfall”.

1968 – Apollo 7 is put into orbit.

1975 – Diego Topa, Argentine actor, conductor and singer is born.

1982 – Humberto “Coquito” Ortiz died, who was an actor and screenwriter who is recognized for being Alberto Olmedo’s partner in the program “Capitán Piluso” in his role as “Coquito”. He participated in the film “Santiago querida” and was present in programs with Pipo Pescador, among others.

1990 – The technical director Alfio Basile is appointed to the head of the Argentine team in replacement of Carlos Bilardo after the runner-up obtained in the World Cup in Italy ’90. With Basile, the “albiceleste” team won two Copa América and reached a streak of 33 games without losing.

1991 – Fidel Castro announces a secular, mixed economy state and blames the Soviet Union for the Cuban economic crisis. All this in the IV Congress of the PCC, in which party leader is reelected.

1995 – The International Day of Dulce de Leche is installed in our country, which has our country as one of the main consumers in the world. The initiative proposes to pay tribute to the national delicacy that was recognized as “Food and Gastronomic Cultural Heritage of Argentina”.

2001- Polaroid, leader of instant photography, goes bankrupt due to not being able to adapt to the digital age.

2002 – Jimmy Carter receives the Nobel Peace Prize.

2014 – Carmelo Simeone, Argentine footballer and coach, dies.

2020 – Hugo Arana, Argentine actor, dies.

2020 – In France, Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garros tournament amid the CoVid-19 pandemic. With this victory he reached Roger Federer in Grand Slam titles.

The Day of the Auctioneer and Public Broker is celebrated in Argentina.

The National Day of Patagonia is celebrated in Argentina.

The International Day of Dulce de Leche is celebrated.

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