These are the main cell phone brands and models used in Cuba

Cuban mobile phone users mostly prefer the devices of the Korean manufacturer Samsung, followed by the Chinese Xiaomi and the American Apple, according to an analysis carried out by CiberCuba of the traffic generated by this platform in the last 30 days, in order to determine which are the most used mobile phones in Cuba

In the wake of recent news reporting of the blockade in Cuba of the cell phones of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which Cuban users referred on social networks, CiberCuba carried out an analysis of the access statistics to our website of users from Cuba, which showed that 42.9% of the users who visit this platform are owners of mobile devices from the Korean manufacturer Samsung. The sample covered a total of 737 thousand unique users who accessed CiberCuba in the last 30 days.

Most used cell phone brands in Cuba / CiberCuba

In second place in the preferences of Cubans is the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, whose mobile devices use 14.57% on the island, according to the analysis made by this writing from a sample made up of users who access the networks and the website of this medium.

Apple with 13.84% is the third best established brand among Cuban mobile phone users, while Motorola, Huawei, Alcatel and LG account for almost the remaining 25% of Cuban mobile device customers.

Most popular cell phone models in Cuba / CiberCuba

In the analysis carried out, it was detected that Cuban users prefer the Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime cell phone model (with almost 28 thousand users), while the second most popular is the Motorola moto E5 play (with more than 22 thousand). In third place of preferences of Cuban mobile phone buyers is the Apple iPhone (with 16 thousand users), followed by the Apple iPhone 7 Plus (with more than 14 thousand) and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 (with 13,618 users).

“Xiaomi has begun to block some of its latest smartphones that are in Cuban territory. The same happens for the inhabitants of Syria, who have begun to receive a message on their smartphones that makes it impossible for them to use the device, ”said the specialized page Xiaomi Addicts on Thursday.

The news generated concern among many Cuban Internet users who saw that their mobile devices from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi were experiencing blockages on their smartphones, located in Cuba through their geolocation applications.

The site said that “for the moment it is unknown if they are only isolated cases or if Xiaomi will begin to block all the devices found in these regions, especially in Cuba where a large number of the population has a mobile phone from the company”.

After the first reports of the strange event, cell phone workshops in Cuba have been filled with customers to have their phones unlocked, the owner of one of these businesses in Havana referred to CiberCuba, who assured that the locks began this week, although it is possible to unblock them and that they will not be blocked again if a “good job” is done.

“The Xiaomi sold them for a specific country, but if you go to another country, their operating system has a service that when you connect it to the Internet, it locates the computer and sees that it is where it shouldn’t be and there it crashes.”

“For example, the Chinese versions of Xiaomi that were sold only in China when they were removed from there, that happens. It is their thing. They must have a list of prohibited countries, including Cuba,” he added.

Everything indicates that the cause of these blocks responds to the application of Xiaomi’s terms and conditions, which are explained on its website.

Xiaomi’s terms and conditions clearly state that “the Contract and all Products are subject to applicable export control laws, including, but not limited to, US export control laws and those of the jurisdiction itself. the client’s. The Customer may not export any Product purchased from the Seller to any country, territory or region if prohibited by export control laws. The prohibited countries and territories include Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and the Crimea region. “

According to the programmer and youtuber Erich J. García Cruz, to get their phones operational again, users only have to perform five actions:

1. Do not update the system.

2. Install firewall and prohibit system update.

3. Verify that the mobile is global, not regional.

4. Go to a workshop to unlock the bootloader.

5. Consider global Custom ROM flash.

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