There will be no pre-released inmates in Coahuila, reveals Secretary of Public Security

No inmate of the Coahuila Penitentiary Centers will be able to benefit from the decree of pre-releases by the federal government to depressurize the prison system in Mexico, revealed the Secretary of Public Security, Sonia Villarreal Pérez.

Therefore, he explained that after the decree is approved, the state will join the commission to define in the following months the procedure to release these inmates.

He added that according to the decree, there are those who have been victims of torture, as well as those who have not received a sentence in 10 years and older adults in a situation of vulnerability due to chronic degenerative disease.

He revealed that there was a presidential decree on pre-releases, where he will participate in a commission that Coahuila joined, in which they will be working to go step by step what will be defined.

“You have until the month of December, if I am not mistaken, and in January the verdict will be given, however, I want to tell you that Coahuila does not have any person deprived of liberty who enters the scheme established in this decree”, manifested.

It indicated that to date there is no person who falls within this framework, that is, there is no person deprived of liberty who has been credited with the crime of torture through the Istanbul Protocol.

In addition to the above, he said that neither has he been processed for more than ten years without receiving a sentence, nor a person deprived of liberty over 60 years of age sentenced for non-serious crimes, nor over 75 years of age with diseases serious.

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