"There was a very shocking punishment vote for the national government"

After the national and local impact left by the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory (STEP), the consultant Gustavo Cordoba he analyzed the achievements, the big winners and the losers.

The owner of the agency Zuban Córdoba and Associates gave the credit to Luis Judge already Rodrigo de Loredo by winning in the Juntos intern.

Córdoba remarked that the Judge “interpreted the prevailing climate of opinion in the province very well in ideological terms and his proposal was the simplest and clearest.”

In parallel, the consultant said that De Loredo could become a candidate to capitalize on the majority vote of radicalism in a future election.

What is the political analysis of the PASO?

As for the losers, Córdoba pointed out that Cordoba society told Mauricio Macri “let him rest a turn”, in relation to the defeat of his candidates Mario Negri and Gustavo Santos.

While also at the national level he highlighted the “punishment vote” against the government he heads Alberto Fernandez.

“They must understand that what is coming forward requires a high dose of consensus, a humble reading of the results and fundamentally understand that if they continue to speak to their hard core of voters, they will continue to obtain the same results,” concluded Córdoba.

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