There is no turning back: Nicole Block confirmed her separation from the son of Delfina Guzmán

Nicole Block confirmed the end of his relationship with Delfina Guzmán’s son, Cristóbal Meza. A break that would be definitive.

The actress spoke with the web page 7, where he indicated that “I am currently living in Isla de Maipo, with my parents, because I separated from my husband, Juan Cristóbal ”.

Recall that last January the colorina had already revealed its break. However, with the quarantine, and a therapy involved, with her husband they had tried again.

But it didn’t work out. And the ex-star of the soap operas decided to distance herself. “I am already in the process of divorce, so that has not been so easy”, confessed.

Nicole Block, no turning back

Nicole stated emphatically that “It is definitely over, and the third time is the charm, because really things could no longer be reconciled. It was all very difficult, so I went back to the nest, to the parents’ house and rearming myself again ”.

And he expressed that “now we have to see the divorce proceedings, but it was still strong. It was a long relationship of seven years, super intense. We live a lot of experiences, just like any separation, in any case it is sad, I feel fine, but it is sad ”.

Finally, the actress pointed out that the separation had been “in good vibes” and that “we talk, we have a dog in common, he’s like a son at this point and he wants to see him too. So there we have a shared tenure with the dog, but we ended the relationship well ”.

However, Nicole Block mentioned that she did not know if Delfina Guzmán, her mother-in-law, was aware of the term. “I don’t know if my husband has told La Delfina that we finished. I have an excellent relationship with her because I was being her manager for the issue of campaigns, such as Cause me Mega, what did I see … I have an incredible affection for him ”, he concluded.

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