There is a VIP Facebook where celebrities can post without censorship

An article published by the Wall Street Journal reveals the existence of a kind of Facebook VIP, which is intended for different celebrities where they would not have to respect any kind of rule.

It would be a project of the company called XCheck and that has been revealed by a series of documents to which the media had access.

“For a select group of members of our community there are policies and standards that are not applied,” you can read in the documents that were leaked.

“Unlike the rest of the community, these users can violate our rules without any consequence.”

Facebook had already recognized the existence of XCheck but only for politicians. Now, it has been known that its members, including influencers, athletes, journalists and celebrities, enjoy full freedom to publish whatever they want.

Thus, if content published by any of the members of the sub-platform is reported by the algorithms, that content is not automatically removed. In this case, the report is evaluated by a group of people specialized in public relations.

The original idea was that the content of some personalities, especially politicians, should not be censored immediately, so that greater regulation by those affected would not be publicly requested.

The problem is that in recent times, this has gotten out of hand with Facebook, especially its moderators who no longer manage to evaluate all this content.

The report mentions the case of soccer player Neymar, who in 2019 published photos of a naked woman who accused him of rape. The Brazilian claimed that the young woman was extorting him.

On any other platform, the image uploaded by the athlete would have been deleted for violating the rules, however, the file remained online for one day and the player’s account was not suspended, which is evidence of a different treatment towards the attacker of the PSG.

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