There are already 210 "commission houses" open in Cuba

Two hundred and ten are already open brokerage houses throughout the country, an official of the Cuban Ministry of Internal Trade (MINCIN) assured the official press in the capital.

This is a significant increase compared to the 62 existing at the beginning of the year, which shows the level of acceptance that this type of retail trade has already reached on the island.

In these so-called “brokerage houses”, idle and slow-moving products of State entities and new items or items for use by natural persons are sold.

The entry into force in July 2020 of Resolution 83, gave a boost to the activity by updating principles and regulations with a view to its better functioning, declared to the Cuban News Agency Marpesa Portal de Villiers, deputy director general of Merchandise Sales of the organism.

The official said that in all the territories, including the Isla de la Juventud Special Municipality, there are already commission houses, which can be a store, an area or department of an establishment, where the sales management service is provided from a contract or agreement in which the parties agree on prices, forms of payment -including a commission-, maximum time of the offer, the deposit on consignment and duties and rights are clarified.

In a hundred of these units, electronic commerce has been enabled through the QR code of the Enzona platform, and this facilitates the purchase and sale and payment of the owner of the good offered, Portal stressed.

He highlighted the impact of this type of retail trade by expanding the range of products available to the population, especially those considered idle or slow-moving by companies but useful for many people, including self-employed workers, who for that reason Via they have found raw materials, equipment and parts with some added value there.

According to current regulations, the quantity of items to be sold is not limited, although the director of the Commerce Company or whoever he determines may regulate it according to the capacity and security conditions of the unit. The company management also has the power not to accept inadmissible prices or to accept them with other defined conditions.

In turn, the commission agent must display the products with their price, size, measure, characteristics or any other way that defines their use; and publicize the advantages and arguments of the services it provides to the population.

The deputy director general of Merchandise Sales of the MINCIN recalled that items can only be offered there in perfect hygienic and healthy condition, such as new underwear and bathing suits; clocks, electrical effects, cameras and photographic accessories with operation, and electrical appliances with their certificate of ownership, unless they are old equipment that from practical experience it is known that they were not marketed for a long time.

Portal de Villiers recalled that in this type of stores the commercialization of food and beverages is prohibited; those that constitute sales regulated by other organizations; jewelery and articles of gold, silver or precious stones; animal skins and precious woods; coin with numismatic value; postage stamps with philatelic or postal value; motor vehicle engines; and products that can only constitute state property.

The buyer has the right to be compensated by the establishment in the event that it detects that the property acquired is badly owned by the owner; and the Retail Trade Company, as a last resort, assumes all financial responsibility before the user for damage or loss of the items, during the time they remain in the unit.

In 2019, in a letter to the official newspaper Rebel Youth, a reader complained that the brokerage houses, which played “an important role in boosting the goods market,” had disappeared.

Two years later, they constitute, along with the newly approved garage sales, an important alternative to the very poor internal trade in Cuba.

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