There are already 12 thousand registered online for the initial level in Corrientes

In contact with “La Tarde menos Pensada”, Encinas commented that in addition to the 12 thousand who completed the process, “there are about 2,500 more who are in some of the steps of the registration close to concluding it.”

Asked if there are limits for registrations, he pointed out that “although there are not, we have vacancies associated with each of the towns in the province and according to the registrations we will have a concrete idea of ​​how these vacancies will be distributed” .

On the other hand, required on the efficiency of the system in terms of data validation and cross-linking of information with the Civil Registry, for example, explained that “this has to do with the modernization of the State, where both agencies, the Civil Registry and the Ministry of Education are being modernized with new technologies “.

Online registration

It should be noted that registration for the initial level 2022 can be completed until November 30, a procedure that can be carried out at

Meanwhile, for the primary, it will be from December 6 to 10 and for the secondary, from December 13 to 22. On the website, they request data from the applicant and the person in charge, choice of teaching level for the applicant and establishment (the student can be registered in up to five schools, with a minimum of three), extra data and summary, in which they must check if all the items were correctly completed.

For each child or adolescent, between 3 and 5 educational establishments must be selected. Students who do not owe subjects will start classes for the 2022 school year on March 2, while those who are in the approval process will do so on February 14.

On that date, those students who have lost their school career will also do so.
Meanwhile, on March 2, after the carnival holiday, the students who passed the year join.

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