Theory emerges that Spider-Man’s enemies use Stark Industries technology

The multiverse is open and if you looked at the post-credit scene from ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’, they will know that the “Spider-Verse” that we saw in the animated movie of Miles Morales, is already manifesting in the MCU, so the birth of theories such as the one that indicates that “Sinister Six”They use technology Stark, is just one of the millions that will be born towards the December 17.

The reason comes from two very interesting starting points: the first talks about the “new” technology that each one seems to carry; although we can see that Electro It has something like a robotic vest very similar to the technology we saw in Mysterio, who we already know, stole it from Stark.

This, more than a theory, is a fact: that is the reactor that Tony Stark uses. However, let us understand that despite coming from another reality, Electro does not necessarily belong to the same of Andrew Garfield, since in the last movie he not only defeated the villain, but disintegrated him.

Added to that, let’s take a good look at the mechanical tentacles of Dr. Octopus; remember that technology Stark communicates with each other by nano machines. If you remember, so it was Tony he stole the gems from Thanos to finally defeat him.

Well, something similar happens in the trailer when Octavius he retains Peter and removes his mask with the nano machines, however, in the first scene in which we see him his tentacles are not red, but gray, indicating in this second trailer that he did receive a technological upgrade; I mean, they robbed Stark:

So this time Spider-Man you will have too many problems. Ready for the premiere? See you on December 17!

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