Theft of a motorcycle in downtown Santiago ended with the lynching of a criminal

Four unknown persons carried out the robbery of a motorcycle in Santiago Center, which ended with a citizen detention And later lynching of one of those involved.

The events occurred at around 23:00 in the Santa Rosa with Eleuterio Ramírez. The subjects were seen stealing a motorcycle, which was later located by the owner thanks to the system of GPS who had the vehicle.

Together with another neighbor, the owner of the motorcycle found one of the thieves in Lord Cochrane with Condor, just blocks from where the robbery had occurred.

The find meant a beating for the offender. After that, they undressed him, leaving him only in his underwear, and then they tied him to a lamp post.

Carabinieri was notified of the situation. Officials arrived at the scene and took him to a health center, where they found that the 22-year-old young man of Chilean nationality suffered minor injuries.

The captain Cristian Gutiérrez, from Central Metropolitan Prefecture, provided more information on this lynching registered in downtown Santiago. “The neighbors come out of the different buildings and they recognize the detainee as a habitual criminal in the sector, they undress him and tie him to a post ”, he pointed out.

“Later it arrives Carabinieri and the detainee is taken to Fourth Police Station of Santiago Central. Obviously se calls on people not to take justice into their own hands, to let the organizations act and that the police are here for this. The other three people that the witness and victim of all this say, say that they fled the place, achieving the arrest of only one of them, “he added.

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