Theft, death and violence: Insecurity marked the first days of 2022

Only two weeks have passed since 2022 began and, in those almost 15 days, insecurity once again marked a presence with events that took on significance in Salta society in the face of their violence, the impact of events and social concern.

Millionaire robberies, lifeless people, violent events, are some of the words that summarize some of these events of a difficult panorama. From the writing of Get informed we decided to make a synthesis of which were these events that took center stage in the first part of January and at the beginning of the new year:

– Millionaire Assault: One of the most resounding in recent days was the robbery of a jewelry store for 6 million. The place is located inside a Continental gallery and the criminals circumvented security to access the place and take the millionaire loot.

– Family issue: This event, although it occurred in December, had repercussions during the first month of 2022. It is that of two sisters, both professionals, who stole 50 thousand dollars and 80 thousand pesos from their own mother, while the woman over 80 years old he was traveling.

– The body of the canal: An unfortunate event was the lifeless discovery of a young man inside a canal located on Dean Funes and Anzoategui streets. Hours later it was learned that he had been attacked with a knife, receiving at least 30 points that cost him his life. There is a detainee for the fact.

– Not one less: InformateSalta also learned about the case of a young woman from Salta who suffered an attempted femicide by her ex-partner, according to the family for not wanting to have sexual relations. He hit her and doused her with alcohol. His arrest has not yet been achieved.

Robbery in an office: Images taken by security cameras of the IMAC Medical Center show how a subject pretends to be a patient and steals the cell phone of a doctor who leaves the office for a few moments.

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