The young man who brutally beat the beach man in Buenos Aires surrendered

The young man who brutally beat the beach man in a parking lot located in the downtown area of ​​Buenos Aires, surrendered this Thursday to the criminal prosecutor, Contravencional y de Infratas Nº 12, Sebastián María Fedullo, in the company of his lawyer.

While the prosecutor Fedullo will take a statement from the employees of the place, The judicial sources will seek to establish that the aggressor is really the minor who appeared before the court. Meanwhile, the qualification of the file has not yet been established.

“They can be serious or minor injuries. That will depend on the report,” they explained regarding the medical report of Legal Medicine, with which the severity of the injuries will be verified. Even so, in case the garage employee loses his life, the cover page can be aggravated and the cause is classified as homicide. At the moment, the young man is waiting to be received by the prosecutor.

The attack occurred on November 19 in a Moreno 800 parking lot, when a woman complained to the cashier who was attending the place and had to charge her the corresponding fee.

The aggressor, accompanied by his mother and brothers, claimed the beach man for the damage to his vehicle, for which he attacked him and interceded strongly.

The images of the attack were recorded by the security camera of the place.

The 66-year-old victim was hospitalized in serious condition due to a blood clot, which caused him to fall to the floor after the strong pineapple that the client hit him.

On the other hand, the prosecutor quickly ordered the kidnapping of the only three vehicles that remained in the parking lot at the time of the attack: a BMW, a Mercedes Benz and a Chevrolet Trucker truck. In addition, he ordered that those who approach to remove them be delayed.

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