The young Cuban who the police prevented from getting to the vet gets a tattoo on his dog

The young Ransel González Núñez, who lost his dog because the policeman on Havana He prevented him from reaching the vet, the image of his beloved deceased pet was tattooed on his chest.

“Do you remember Ransel González Núñez and his puppy Ragnar? The boy who the police did not let him arrive at the clinic to urgently attend to his dog and he finally died … Ransel has decided to tattoo his dog’s face to honor him and keep him always present “, says a message shared by the Facebook profile of the group BAC- Havana.

“When we love these defenseless beings, nothing and no one can oppose it, not even death … It is a love that can never be destroyed,” adds the publication of the group that is dedicated to the rescue of animals in the country’s capital. .

“We wanted to update you on this because we know that many people followed the little house closely. Thanks to Ransel for this show of love and his fidelity to Ragnar ”, concludes the message from the animal protection group.

“The love felt for these animals has no comparison,” said Ransel in the comments of the publication on the social network.

Likewise, he thanked “with all his heart all the people who, from the first moment, stopped to read the news and dedicate part of their time, in a message of support and strength, thank you very much BAC-Habana and mainly Javier Larrea.”

Ransel lost his pet Ragnar in mid-June this year. His case was known by the complaint made by the Animal Welfare Cuba project (BAC) on social networks.

Due to the complaint by the animal rights group, it was learned that a police officer prevented Ransel from arriving on time on his motorcycle to try to save the life of his sick puppy at the Carlos III Veterinary Clinic in Havana.

The puppy was very ill due to gastroenteritis and the police stopped him a few meters before the place, and although his owner begged to be allowed to arrive, the policeman maintained his indolent attitude and the pet died in that place.

The images of Ransel crying to his dog unleashed a wave of reactions in the networks for the insensitivity towards our animals ”and towards the people who love them as a family.

The text was accompanied by shocking images in which the deceased animal and its distressed owner can be seen, who later said that the police also told him that “it was not their problem if it had died.”

Today Ransel has the image of his beloved pet tattooed as a perennial reminder of love and respect for animals.

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