The Water Table analyzed the supply situation and problems in the southern province

For a few days and with the considerable increase in temperatures, the claims by some people from Salta due to problems in the water supply have been in the news, which led to the Water Table being called to act immediately in search of solutions. to this demand.

In this context, it was this Friday when the third meeting of that entity took place, which debated and relieved the drinking water and sanitation service, this time from municipalities in the south of the province, where they were also requesting improvements in the provision.

Officials from the agencies involved, mayors, legislators and councilors participated in the meeting that was held virtually. of Rosario de la Frontera and Metan. The meeting was coordinated by the Regulatory Entity of Public Services. In the end, a series of agreements were determined that seek to respond to the needs of the inhabitants.

The resolution is summarized in the following points:

1.- Promote a new master plan for the province’s water system incorporating substantive solutions to the problem of drinking water and sanitation.

2.- Request the provincial authorities to establish an effective environmental policy regarding the treatment of sewage effluents, after surveying the sanitation system in the department with the intervention of COSAYSA and the Regulatory Entity of Public Services.

3.- Coordinate with the Secretary of the Interior, the mayors and the provider of the drinking water and sanitation service COSAYSA extraordinary help for the alternative provision of water with tank trucks.

4.- With the intervention of the Secretariat of Water Resources, carry out a feasibility study of surface catchment works to obtain greater water flow potable. The report should also contain suggestions for drilling works in the service’s private localities.

5.- Subscription of collaboration agreements between the municipalities of both departments and COSAYSA to carry out urban repair works, lowering costs and avoiding lack of coordination of tasks.

6.- Coordinate joint actions of the companies COSAYSA and EDESA SA to minimize incidents or power outages that have repercussions in the normal operation of drinking water pumping stations.

7.- Manage the incorporation into the drinking water and sanitation service as users of neighborhoods or consolidated settlements in the urban ejido of the municipalities of both departments.

8.- The Regulatory Entity of Public Services will proceed to enable rate reductions in relation to defects in the drinking water service that occur in both departments that imply a loss of continuity or mandatory quality under the provision regime provided by Provincial Decree 3652/10 .

Lastly, it was anticipated that the Water Table plans to for next week advance with other departments and areas of the province such as Anta, Güemes and the Valles Calchaquíes, in order to have a clear and precise panorama of the needs presented by the neighbors to have the resource.

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