The very serious and controversial complaint of Marcelo Mazzarello against Florencia Peña

The world of social networks not only came to promote new ventures, share postcards or videos with friends or show the latest news from around the world, but also that the platforms host all kinds of discharges, public fights and anger from the most recognized characters.

On this occasion, the one who turned to his Twitter account to vent all his discomfort and expose a difficult situation that he had to live was the actor Marcelo Mazzarello, who erupted in anger from his cell phone and wrote a serious complaint against Florence Peña where he brought to light an internal that exists in the world of actors.

“The power of visiting AF while we couldn’t see our family members!” He began writing angrily referring to the list of visits that the president received Alberto Fernandez in which is the criticized presence of Florencia in the Quinta de Olivos last May 2020.

Also, continuing with her discharge, she surprised everyone by stating that she was the host of Team flower who asked to be taken away from an audiovisual project in which they were going to share the cast: “The self-described referent Flor Peña made me throw myself out of a film that began in October.”

In addition, taking advantage of his space, he fiercely criticized Kirchnerism and alluded to the fact that this request by the actress was linked to their political differences: “Ideology K. Personal advantage to the detriment of someone else’s work”.


Finally, visibly annoyed at having been excluded from a job due to these situations, he explained that in order to make a complaint of this style, he is forced to resort to social networks and not to the spaces intended to take these complaints: “Am I going to INADI? No. Guild? No. Justice? No. Twitter.”

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