The Venezuelan community denounced harassment and discrimination after the crime of Nahuel

Stigmatized by their nationality, venezuelans who are in Salta feel that discrimination against them has increased since the San Martín Park incident occurred. After it emerged that the alleged murderer of Nahuel Vilte, Rafael Falcón, arrived from Venezuela, a boiler of racist and xenophobic messages against foreigners who are in Salta.

In this sense, Mitchel, a young Venezuelan who worked in Parque San Martín, reported to Somos Noticia that the grievances were increasing. “They threaten not to let us work, they treat us as a mafia since we are not a mafia, we only work. Or maybe because I’m a foreigner I don’t have the right to get ahead and earn a living? ”, The woman pointed out.

The rejection of Venezuelans who migrated en masse in recent years grows in several countries, under the same logic of holding them responsible for insecurity and crime, however and as the young woman marks, “not all Venezuelans have to fall into the same bag.” .

“We are there out of necessity, we want to work and we don’t want these people to come near the park. Every weekend it was a different problem with these people. That they pay and justice is done because they were the cause of this problem “

As Mitchel relates, his case is that of thousands of Venezuelans who leave their country. He arrived in Salta fleeing the crisis in his country. He also denied that there are groups that pay tickets to illegally bring more Venezuelans.

Regarding the conflict over the weekend, the young woman clarified that she knew Falcón, but only by sight and that the disturbances caused by Javier Ponce were constant. “They did not charge us a flat but they believed themselves to be the owners of the place, they decided who they were”, He commented.

Finally, Mitchel calls for empathy on the part of the community to stop discrimination: “Do not judge Venezuelans, we are not all the same,” said.

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