The unusual anecdote of Floppy Tesouro about the “mistake” they made when he was born: “Now I’d be in Paraguay”

The life of Floppy Treasure It could be another: instead of living in Puerto Madero, maybe she would be in Asunción, she would know guaraní, maybe she would be a fan of chipa guasú and she would start her day with tereré. But none of this happened, because someone realized the tremendous mistake they made in the sanatorium where he was born 36 years ago.

This is how he told it Floppy in its passage through Team flower, when it was his turn to answer the “Unbeatable questionnaire” and Flor Peña he wanted to know if it was true that they had changed her for another baby at birth, a mistake for which she almost ended up in another country, with another identity.

“Tremendous! I would be in Paraguay at this time and Moni and Ricky would not currently be my parents “, ripped treasure, surprising with this revelation about the mysterious circumstances surrounding his birth.

This is how the model explained the unusual situation: “It was not like now, that they are all more pending. When I was born, my mother was very sore because it took a lot for me to leave, she had 18 hours of labor to have me. And my dad couldn’t get in because he was fainting ”.

“When they were leaving, my mom said, ‘This isn’t Floppy, it’s a boy.’ He had a dick! And I was already leaving, they were taking me to Paraguay … “, continued his story. At that moment, it was his family that began to mess up to resolve the very serious matter.

“My cousin was screaming, the doctors, a quilombo, I don’t know what… I’m about to leave! So by chance I am here “, Hill Floppy and clarified that despite this mishap he has no doubts who his parents are. “I am a copy of mom “, she assured, who is the mother of Moorea.

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