The UNR instructed the company that it must complete the repair of the ceilings of Medical Sciences

Rector Franco Bartolacci toured the faculty building on Tuesday and confirmed that last week it was decided to intimate the contractor company of the works to “immediately repair what was affected and urgently complete the intervention of the cupola“.

In addition, he stressed that it was agreed intensify interventions in other areas of the faculty considered priority.

The Multimedia and Salvador Allende amphitheaters are two of the six largest classrooms that the public faculty has, with capacity for 150 seated people, sound equipment and connectivity. Both are located in the east wing of the huge building of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and after last week’s rains they were practically destroyed.

The damage is “almost total, the product of rainwater that has been pouring in for several months. Damage was also registered in the Legal and Doctoral Advisory offices,” warn the faculty authorities in a statement published on the institutional website.

In the letter it is recalled that last year’s budget for the National University of Rosario included the repair of the roofs of the east dome of the faculty, but the works only began in November and are still unfinished. The works, with a budget of ten million pesos, were once again part of the investment forecasts for this year.

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“On repeated occasions we warned the UNR Building Policy Secretariat (in charge of the projection, tender, adjudication and inspection of the restoration of the East Wing Dome) about the lack of minimum coverage to avoid the entry of water during the rains after removed the original roof of the same. These facts were verified by a notary public more than a month ago product of what we considered could constitute a pronounced negligence “, indicated from the faculty.

The consequences of the delay of the works were exposed this week: the rain entered through the roofs and the two rooms were flooded.


The dean of the faculty, Jorge Molinas, pointed out that Both spaces are essential for the return of the face-to-face activities of the 1st and 2nd year students, the most massive. The doctor recalled that during the pandemic the mandatory final practice that takes place in the last year of study was maintained and that, last February, the face-to-face activities of the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students, both in medicine and in nursing, were resumed. and speech therapy.

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“Now we are planning a hybrid class scheme for 1st and 2nd grade students, but the lack of space is a complication“Molinas explained.

The dean of the faculty recalled that during these two years, “we take care of maintaining and repairing the faculty building with our own funds”. Among other things, the central dome was repaired, new classrooms were built, toilets, kitchen and changing rooms were refurbished; but the cost of waterproofing the east wing exceeds the amounts available to the faculty.

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As summarized in the statement signed by the authorities of the house of studies: “We are living in a state of grief and regret for the situation, the cost of repairing damages is estimated at a sum greater than ten million pesos” and they recall that He demanded from the rector the urgent repair of the roofs of this sector of the faculty and the reconstruction of the amphitheaters, “since this situation is seriously affecting the availability of spaces for the development of face-to-face activities.”

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