The United States assured that Russia plans a false attack to justify an invasion of Ukraine

A new chapter in talks between the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Russian Federation. The United States accused that Moscow seeks to create a pretext to invade Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Russians positioned a group to orchestrate an operation.

The US official stated that The so-called “false flag” attack is an operation designed “to make it look like an attack on them or their people.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the US is concerned that the Russian government “is preparing for an invasion.”

Psaki added that a Russian intervention on Ukrainian territory would lead to “widespread violations of human rights and war crimes”. According to the Americans, the Kremlin’s plan could take place “between mid-January and mid-February.”

The Pentagon spokesman added that Washington has evidence and indications that “Russian-influenced actors” began to spread false provocations on the part of Ukraine. Kirby advanced that “we see what they are doing” and that there are “echoes of what they did in 2014”.

Reuters reports that Kirby commented that “it is difficult for these types of activities to be done without the knowledge, or without the approval of the highest levels of the Russian government.” The US official stated that Washington does not believe that Vladimir Putin has already made the decision to attack Ukraine and they hope that “diplomacy will prevail”.

Ukrainian military monitors the border area with Russia in the Donetsk region

Ukrainian military monitors the border area with Russia in the Donetsk region

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