The unfortunate loss of state resources

In October 2018, after a cleaning day in the Neighborhoods 366 and 499, then organized by the Institute of Urban Development and Housing (IDUV) in conjunction with the neighborhood boards, its then president, the current mayor Pablo Grasso, announced the construction of the headquarters of the neighborhood board for the neighborhood. The project was handed over to the then head of the neighborhood council, Claudio Cadiz, who at that time recognized that the work was born “at our request to start working with youth and adults, to provide more social support. It is true that until then the neighborhood council showed a great agenda of activities, which were carried out outdoors or in the best of cases in the Municipal Gymnasium October 17, when possible.

Time progressed, and despite the change in authorities, the work continued, although it was only delivered on December 19, 2020, of course with the presence of the new municipal mayor, provincial and communal authorities. It is worth mentioning that the headquarters was handed over to new neighborhood council authorities, since Cadiz, at that time, was already part of the current municipal management, precisely in the Department of Neighborhood Councils, dependent on the area of Citizen participation, link between municipality and neighborhoods.

Although the delivery generated great expectations, the truth is that from the board of directors of the neighborhood council they failed to take over and advance in the use of the building, which today is seen abandoned, vandalized and almost completely destroyed.

The reality of recent times marks that, although from the neighborhood council they have expressed concern about the acts of vandalism that are experienced, and even in dialogue with our environment on several occasions they have expressed the need to improve aspects related to security in the sector, nothing has improved and the building deteriorates in its conditions daily. The question that arises is what should happen to a building that was built with public funds and has not fulfilled its intended purposes. From the IDUV there has been no response even to the queries made by South Time regarding the conditions of the infrastructure and the possibility of using it by the institute for another type of purpose. On the other hand, the current head of Municipal Citizen Participation, Alejandro Aybar, spoke with South Time where he manifested himself aware of the situation of the headquarters and in direct contact with the authorities of the neighborhood council. “We were doing a tour, it’s a shame, met with the boys from the neighborhood council that the vandalism has overcome the situation. The truth is that security in that area has not turned out,” the official remarked.

“At the beginning of the year we will meet with the mayor to find out what his future vision will be for this venue. It is a space that was made with public funds and that the neighbors do not know how to value as their own space hardly a lot. We are going to work on this venue and hopefully it can have a good destiny”.

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