The unexpected wink of Patricia Bullrich to Javier Milei

The president of the PRO, Patricia bullrich, again showed his good harmony with the candidate for deputy for La Libertad Avanza Javier Milei and congratulated him for the great choice he made in the City of Buenos Aires.

Bullrich and mercy They crossed paths in a program and embraced each other, after which the president of the PRO congratulated the liberal candidate for his great election and for what he is achieving with young people and in the fight for freedom.

Bullrich He stressed this Tuesday that “the great ingredient of Together for Change is to achieve a good mix” of political spaces, and asked to “maintain the unity” of the space, because “no one wins alone.”

Patricia Bullrich and Javier Milei merged into a hug.

“There are no hawks or pigeons left. Nowadays, the entire PRO is in a position to say ‘we have to be in unison proposing enough to Kirchnerism‘”, full Bullrich.

Regarding his good attunement with Javier Milei, Bullrich He assured: “I have cultivated a relationship with him, a friendship, so I congratulated him on his good choice.”

“He is young, he takes young people. I have much more years in politics, and I think it is a good gesture to congratulate him and encourage him to continue. I appreciate him and I sympathize with him. Later, when these elections take place, we will go to try to add absolutely everyone, because this election has given us results, “added the president of PRO.

“We have always had a vote that increases in older people and not so much in young people. In 2015 we had more young people, now we have to rebuild that young vote,” he considered Bullrich.

Finally, he considered that “no deputy who enters for liberalism is going to vote very differently from what they vote Together for Change.”


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