The unexpected reaction of Wanda Nara when seeing a photo of Maxi López and her children

Wanda Nara and Maxi lopez They have been in a legal war for a long time and it is known that the relationship between them is not the best. Recently, the businesswoman gave an interview to a renowned Italian magazine where she told details about the separation of her father from her children and what this caused her.

However, it seems that the tension between the two began to loosen after Maxi’s visit to his children in Paris. The soccer player has shared photographs and videos through his networks where the activities he shares with his children are observed. There, Wanda gave a “like” to a photo of her ex with their children.

Juariu, Always attentive to the networks of celebrities, she observed this situation and did not hesitate to share her discovery through her Instagram stories. You can see the publication that Caras magazine made with the photo that López took with his children on his trip to Paris.

The post chosen by Wanda Nara To press the “like” button, it is a photo of the footballer with his three children where they pose smiling. This image received thousands of likes, including Wanda’s. This action by López’s ex suggests that perhaps the conflict between the two has come to an end.

The curious reaction of Wanda Nara when seeing a photo of Maxi López and her children in the middle of the judicial conflict

Let us remember that in the interview he gave Wanda Nara, was very hard with Maxi López, although he clarified that it does not prevent him from having contact with his children. The artist also indicated: “I was very popular in my country, but when I married Maxi López I left everything behind and followed him to Italy. Precisely because I agreed to leave Argentina and gave my career to allow Maxi to continue ”.

To end, the mother of Valentino, Benicio and Constantino denied that Maxi López has no contact with the three children: “It is false that he does not see them. He does it when he can come to see them in Paris. They were also together in Italy (…) I would never speak ill of their father to them. I am responsible for seeing them grow with inner peace, happiness and love, a lot of love. “

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