The unexpected problem that La Cámpora is going through in the land of Manzur

The Front of All got in Tucuman one of his best results in the PASO nationwide. Thanks to the fierce internal between the governor Juan Manzur and the lieutenant governor Osvaldo Jaldo, who presented lists in the Peronist intern, the armed group that responds to the Pink House it garnered almost 50% of the votes in the “Garden of the Republic”. But the integration of both lists ended up hurting The field.

Among the 479,786 votes contributed by Manzur’s ballot and the 190,124 obtained by Jaldo’s, the Front of All beat their rivals by more than 15 points Together for Change. In any case, the opposition alliance also showed an important deployment throughout the province, starting with an internal one in which three lists with important candidates in key districts participated, such as San Miguel de Tucumán, Yerba Buena and Concepción.

But apart from the triumph of the Frente de Todos, the Kirchnerism Tucumán could not celebrate as he would have liked. It happens that, after the configuration of the official list with a view to the generals of November 14, the candidate of “The field”And allied to Manzur, Alexander melo, was at the bottom of the list of applicants to the Chamber of Deputies. The first three places went to the manzurista Rossana Chahla, for own Jaldo and for Elia Fernández de Mansilla, also related to the governor’s space.

On the right Alejandro Melo with an image of Nestor Kirchner.

As only the two main candidates have expectations of obtaining a seat – Peronism should substantially improve its results if it wants to snatch a seat from the opposition – Melo would have to wait for Jaldo to be elected and resign, in such a way that the shifts established by the Gender Equity Law pave the way for Congress of the Nation.

Candidate “K” Alejandro Melo greets Governor Manzur.

Despite the overall positive result, the relationship between the governor Manzur and its lieutenant governor is far from optimal. After the elections on Sunday, the head of the Executive Power sought to reaffirm himself as the leader of Peronism in the province. However, Jaldo warned Manzur that only received the endorsement of less than 30% of Tucumán voters in the PASO, so the support of their space will be necessary in the future. Now, it remains to see how they unify efforts with a view to the generals, an instance in which they must compete together.


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