The UdeG will attend to mental health after COVID-19 with evaluation and training

With a series of evaluations and training for academic staff and students, the University of Guadalajara seeks to address mental health disorders derived from confinement for COVID-19, such as stress and anxiety.

Karem Escamilla, head of the Coordination of Academic Supports of the Higher Secondary Education System (SEMS), shared that The first action is the Interinstitutional Plan “Taking care of yourself”, which consists of training the teaching staff for the identification and referral of cases that require psychological attention, training them in self-care and in generating behaviors of good treatment, assertiveness and empathy in the teaching practice virtual and generate virtual spaces to share both good practices for promoting well-being and the concerns and challenges that teachers face.

This course will last 40 hours And it will have two aspects: in face-to-face mode with accompaniment or through the Virtual University System and a pilot program is already being carried out with 50 people.

Actions two and three correspond to diagnostic evaluations of psychosocial risk factors and indicators of depression, anxiety, stress, grief, and cognitive impairment. through a platform ( in which there are two sections: one for the community in general and another for those who are in the health area, especially those who have worked in areas COVID-19.

According to the results obtained, Action guides will be issued to mitigate discomfort or, where appropriate, referral to specialized psychological care either within institutional programs or in services, explained Norma Ruvalcaba, head of the Department of Applied Psychology of the University Center for Health Sciences (CUCS).

Added that the fourth action is an evaluation of mental health indicators in the university community, mainly in the area of ​​health.

Francisco Muñoz Valle, rector of the CUCS, highlighted that for now it is only for UdeG members, since previous months they have had talks with the Government of Jalisco to expand the program.

“Directly, the programs are already known to the government because we present them at the health table, we would only hope that they will be resolved and agreements are reached to apply them to the entire population,” he said.



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