The trial that is not: the main thing is that the time is right

Dhe escalation of a long argument into a decisive three-way battle is an invention of the organizers of such productions. They are actually not trialles, from which a clear winner should clearly emerge, but moderated shows. That the undoubtedly interested voter needs these shows to make his choice is wishful thinking. Because the really important (factual) questions about securing the future, energy supply, public administration and debt, yes the state and society in general, are touched on at best. The main thing is that the speaking time is correct.

In addition, there is the fact that long-term coalition questions are riddled with, that the candidates in the live situation work up a sweat or are driven to drop a careless sentence or make mistakes. The TV showdown is stylized as a practical test for the Chancellery – according to the motto: if you are already weak here, you will be embarrassed on the world stage; Anyone who is already standing like a leek in the Berlin provincial theater will be turned into vegetables by Putin.

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But it’s not that simple after all. Standing stilted in front of the cameras and reading polished speeches, that’s one thing. However, some competencies hardly or not at all appear on the (television) stage: Negotiating skills, being able to listen, gaining trust, taking care of and managing – the reunification, for example, would never have been completed without these qualities of Helmut Kohl, who is often mocked by the media.

Like some of their predecessors, Kohl and Merkel made history. But not as a ruler, and certainly not alone. Bundestag candidates and parties are elected. But the compulsion to form a coalition and the government’s constant dependence on parliament and the Federal Council legitimize the Chancellor – and cherish him. For now, however, in view of the great differences between the parties, nothing less than a decision on the direction of this republic is at stake. Nothing has been decided yet.

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