The trial for the femicide of Cecilia Basaldúa would begin on November 3

After a year and a half after Cecilia Basaldúa was found dead In a field near the Capilla del Monte garbage dump after an intense search after his disappearance, the trial for the femicide would begin on November 3. It will be in the courts of Cruz del Eje. It still remains for the court to settle and the members of the jury to be summoned.

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The 35-year-old woman, a native of Buenos Aires, she set out to tour Córdoba as a backpacker. This was before the pandemic, which forced her to modify her plans. So, he stayed at the home of Mario Mainardi, a retired Santa Fe police officer.

It was Mainardi who reported the woman’s disappearance three days after she left the house and did not return. After 20 days of intense searching, the woman’s body appeared with signs of sexual abuse and strangulation.

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Three days after the finding, Lucas Bustos was arrested and charged. Until today he is the only accused and faces the crimes of sexual abuse with carnal access and double qualified homicide for gender violence and criminis causa.

The complaint and the defense coincide

Sergio Sanchez, defense attorney for the only defendant, maintains that there is no evidence that can determine Bustos’ guilt.

“Since femicides are femicides, never ever has it been seen that the complaint and defense go in the same direction“, assured Sánchez.

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Secondly, Daniela Pavon, lawyer of the complaint, agrees in the vision of the defense: “We consider that there is no evidence that can prove evidentiary certainty that his guilt is required in a trial instance “.

In turn, he points out that there were irregularities in the investigation process, which he assured that they will be exposed in the oral and public trial process.

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