The trial for the femicide of Araceli Fulles began: "I hope perpetual"said his mother

This Monday, the trial for the murder of Araceli Fulles begins, the 22-year-old girl who was found with signs of having been suffocated in the rubble of a house in the Buenos Aires town of José León Suárez, in 2017.

The case will go to trial in the Oral Criminal Court 3 (TOC) 3 of San Martín, made up of judges Martín Klobovs, Carolina Martínez and Aníbal Bellagio.

His family denounced that they receive intimidating messages and asked that the eight defendants, who are currently at liberty, “remain in jail for life.”

The first to testify will be Araceli’s mother, Mónica Ferreyra, who said: “I am quite anxious because I have to remember all that happened four years and five months ago. It will be very hard to remove all that.”

For the case, Darío Badaracco (31), was the only detainee, but he died on April 13, 2019 after having been hospitalized for five days in a hospital in the city of Olavarría, after being beaten and burned with hot water by two cellmates in the Sierra Chica prison.

The defendants who come to trial are Hernán Rodrigo Badaracco, his boss Carlos Casalz, Hugo Cabañas, Carlos Antonio Ibarra, Marcelo Escobedo, Daniel Alaniz and the brothers Jonathan and Emanuel Ávalos

The fact

Araceli had been seen for the last time at dawn on April 2, 2017, in a square near her home and the last contact with her family occurred at 7 in the morning of that day, when she sent a message to her mother. : “Old woman, prepare things for the mate I’m going home.”

However, the young woman was found 25 days later by police dogs, who found her body in the rubble of a house. And after an autopsy, it was determined that “mechanical asphyxia” by “tie strangulation” with an element compatible with plastic seals.

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