The tremendous cross between Gago and Pitana: "4 to 1 came out"

“That’s it. We put up with you too much, Fer. We put up with you too much,” Julio Fernández, the other linesman, told him.

“Please, go. Make mea culpa too, self-criticism,” Pitana added, while Gago walked. “Always, Nestor. Always. Stay calm. Don’t disrespect me,” the Aldosivi coach shot, very angry.


Why did Gago get angry

Gago became confused after the third goal of the Express, which was in charge of Ezequiel Bullaude at 29 minutes of the second half. The ball reached Sebastián Lomónaco, who enabled Alan Cantero, who assisted Bullaude. But at the time of receiving before giving the pass-goal, the striker would have been out of the game, something that the referee team would not have noticed.

Then Pintita spoke several times with his field assistant, Pocho Insúa and reminded Pitana several times of that action, especially when Cauteruccio discounted the penalty. “We would be 2-1 down and not 3-1,” he said on that occasion.

However, the winery cast prevailed with total justice and rounded off a great win in Mar del Plata.

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