The trap of Antipolitics

Man is a social being, destined to live a political life, in solidarity with others. human beings.

The policy allows you to organize the shared public space.

If the policy it practices is democratic, it must have as a principle considering the interests of the majority and respecting the rights of all members of society.

Politics cannot be eliminated from the life of man, so it can be said that whoever expresses his opposition to politics, to the detriment of democratic institutions, is also doing politics, inevitably.

The objective of those who do anti-politics is to substitute democratic politics for an autocratic, technocratic, or plutocratic politics.

In other words, they seek to organize public space according to the values, interests, and wishes of a dictator, a group of technocrats, or power groups with greater economic resources instead of privileging the will of the majority.

Crisis of politics and the state

From the world economic crisis of the 1970s to the present, there has been an accumulation of resources, on the part of a minimum number of inhabitants of the world population.

This excessive concentration has no antecedents in history and is the result of the battle that capital wins over labor, as well as the gradual transition from an industrial economy to a financial and services economy worldwide.

Thus a new capitalist elite arises as a counterpart to the decline of the working class as we know it to this day.

These mutations produced by neoliberalism at the world level, take away the prominence of the national states by reducing their possibilities to regulate their own scene.

It happens that the global economy can move its capital with the speed that virtuality grants it and the elites make extortionate use of this possibility in the face of any regulation that is tried to impose on them.

States with a strong industrial economy and a qualified working class will see their role as guarantors of the welfare state of their population hampered by seeing their ability to control capital and therefore their own economy diminish.

This is the origin of the economic and representation crises that loom, with increasing frequency, over the states, putting their political systems and those who lead them in crisis.

Conquering Congress

To conquer the congress (in English: Knock Down The House), is a documentary film directed by the American director and producer Rachel Lears, which we can see on the platform of Netflix.

The film tells the story of four female Democrats in their race to become congressmen in the United States House of Representatives. The documentary begins with the search for new candidates by organizations like Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, both political action committees. These women belong to the working class and none have a previous political career.

The four candidates show the problems of their communities, the electoral campaign, the financing problems and the confrontations with their political rivals.

His political ideology is the defense of the working class, access to public health and education.

One of them, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, originally from the Bronx and of Puerto Rican origin, won the primaries of the Democratic Party of the 14th district of New York to his adversary, the veteran Joe Crowley. As a congressman, she was a clear opponent of the former president Donald Trump.

Conquering Congress | Official trailer | Netflix

Politics or Antipolitics

The world economy has not improved since the 2008 crisis, and the pandemic that we are still experiencing is not making things better.

A good part of the political class throughout the planet is jointly responsible for the crisis of representation of this political system that we know.

Representative democracy is far from being a perfect device, but even so it is the only tool we have to confront a caste that concentrates most of the economic resources in a few hands, is responsible for the endless wars of extermination and the almost total destruction of the planet’s habitat.

Their media are the voice that covers with an avalanche of lies the crimes they commit every day because of their sick addiction to money.

Somehow we are part of such a problem.

Somehow, amid the general discouragement and evident chaos, we have to retrace the path that leads to debacle.

Somehow we have to think about what is the first step to take.

We have to think.

It’s the last thing they want us to do.

The trap of Antipolitics

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