The Tourist Police of Paso de la Patria received a 0 km quadricycle to reinforce the summer security service.

On the occasion they were present; the Mayor of Paso de la Patria Arch. Guillermo Osnaghi and Mrs. Vice-Intendant Esc. Gloria Costaguta; the Undersecretary for Cryo Security. Gral. ® Osvaldo de los Santos García, the Crio. General Gustavo López, General Director of Financial Administration; the Cryo. Insp. Rolando Montiel, head of the Police Station of Paso de la Patria and El Crio. Insp. Marcial Toledo, head of the Tourist Police of that locality.
During the ceremony, the security minister highlighted the importance of the delivery of this vehicle to the Tourist Police of Paso de la Patria, which will greatly help to reinforce prevention and security work on the beaches and surrounding areas. And finally the delivery was formalized, receiving the head of the Tourist Police the key and documentation of the vehicle from the hands of the security minister.
It should be noted that the acquisition of the quadricycle was carried out through the Special Security Fund (FO.E.SE.) and is framed within the equipment action plan for public security, following the guidelines of the provincial government.

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