The top gated community with an airport and a five-star hotel projecting in a town near Rosario

The most striking thing is his international airport with hangars. It will occupy 50 percent of the property and will have a modern 2 thousand meter runway suitable to receive private and executive aircraft. It will be the first private airport for public use in the interior of the country since it will be available as emergency alternative to the Rosario International Airport landings.

The private neighborhood will have only 132 lots of 2,100 square meters each that will be bordering the golf course. You will have all the services including the transport of aircraft to your home. The golf club will occupy 70 hectares and will include headquarters, bar, restaurant, professional changing rooms and sales premises.

As for the training center for high competition, they anticipate that it will have professional courts; four for soccer, two for rugby, six for powder tennis and two for synthetic floors and another with tiers. The master plan also includes a business activities sector and institutional designed to offer multiple services and amenities to passengers, crew, visitors, delegations and residents who arrive at the complex.

More than 10 thousand square meters will be reserved for aeronautical training, medical institutions, businesswomen and officers. In turn, the inhabitants of the exclusive neighborhood will have an area for recreational activities and leisure, as well as commercial sectors. You will have a Club House, three tennis courts, one of soccer 7, heated pools, for children and adults, games for children and adolescents, security, Olympic fence, main and secondary entrance.

The project is in the hands of Emprendimientos Financieros Inmobiliarios SA (Efisa). Your president, Carlos Rovitti, who is also president of the National Real Estate Observatory, detailed to The capital that started with this megaproject at the end of 2016. “We are talking about an investment of almost $ 70 million“.

“Entrepreneurship is unique in South America, there may be some resemblance in Europe, where we got the idea from. It will have the first business airport in the country for private aircraft, with its own hangars and parking for national and international executive aircraft ”.

It is designed for the aeronautical community and those who have smaller aircraft, whether they are businessmen or professionals with sports planes, will be able to leave it at home where they will have their hangar.. The runway is at the same level as that of Aeroparque and it is a national condition that even though it is private, it is available for any air emergency ”.

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The mega-space will be located on 260 hectares located to the left of the downhill loop of the Córdoba-Rosario highway.

Regarding the five star hotel, Rovitti pointed out that it is being decided which company will anchor in FlyTown: “There are three leading internationals interested in building the hotel who are evaluating the specifications.”

He also highlighted the center of high sports competition: “It will be like those in Europe, where friendly matches are held for first division clubs of all disciplines. As for the golf course, it will have a design very similar to those in Ireland, with international memberships for competitions and tournaments ”.

Sources of work

“The interesting thing is that directly and indirectly they are going to generate more than 1,500 jobs for all disciplines; from a gardener or a worker, to professionals of different levels. That is the most important bet, together with the growth and development that it will give to the region and the province ”.

Regarding the resources to build the megaproject, Rovitti clarified that “on the subject of capital there are already important commitments and we are adding others. We have found echo of businessmen from different places, even some from abroad who are very interested in participating “and he said that” it is not just another real estate project, it is a source of work plant. “

“We started to see it from that place and make it grow from that place as well, but for this to be done, we need more investors. We have a critical mass committed to a notary public, subject to the completion of the rest of the capitals, ”explained the head of Efisa.

“The communal president of San Jerónimo, Horacio Ciancio, has been accompanying us from day one, we have the authorizations of the commune, the national permits of the National Civil Aviation Administration (Anac) and the provincial ones ”.

With the perfectibilities to generate development, Rovitti explained that there are several construction companies that will be doing the different areas, there are even two in Buenos Aires. We are in the stage of quotation specifications aimed at companies and studying all the numbers. Once we have committed the total capital, we will take 90 days to put the machines and start working with several companies at the same time in each area. And, according to professionals, in 24 months it would have to be inaugurated “, ventured the developer.

“It is a work that It is going to be tackled all together, not in stages. Once we have the infrastructure ready; pavement, electricity, water, gas, etc., from that moment on, the one who bought the lot, will be able to start building his house ”, he added.

The chosen people

In explaining why they chose Saint Jerome Sud, Rovitti acknowledged that deciding the place “was complicated, fundamentally to place the track because there are a series of technical requirements to enable it. We were looking at Funes and Roldán. We had to find a place where there are no obstacles, we did many studies with professionals from Buenos Aires and inspectors from Anac came to see the site ”.

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The first business airport in the country for private aircraft that can be parked in home hangars.

The first business airport in the country for private aircraft that can be parked in home hangars.

“It cost us a lot but we found the collaboration of the families of San Jerónimo that will contribute the lands located in the descent of the Rosario-Córdoba highway to the left. These fields are still in production in favor of the owners until the works begin ”, the businessman closed.

For his part Ciancio remarked that there is a sum of factors as a “reason for real estate investors to choose us for their projects.” In that line, he explained that “from our management we have been working to make San Jerónimo a town that provides opportunities for growth and development for all its neighbors, with public works and investments linked to improving the quality of life and important investments in health “

“We add educational possibilities, incorporating tools for entrepreneurship, planning the future and with very clear rules,” the communal chief listed and thanked “the interest of all the entrepreneurs who select us to make their investments here. They also all have the potential to add opportunities for the growth and development that we long for, but we always keep in mind the importance of take care of the quality in the provision of services and complementary works that benefit the residents of San Jerónimo Sud ”, the president said.

Likewise, he opined that “an investment of these characteristics will have a huge economic impact not only in our town, but also in the entire region, while making it possible to create quality jobs.”

Finally, he highlighted that “so far, the investors of the FlyTown development have complied with the requirements requested from the Commune in terms of permits and authorizations, for which they have been delivered land use approvals for a period of 180 days, hoping that they can complete the rest of the procedures required by our ordinances ”.

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