“The three-time championship generation is the best ever at UC & quot;

The UC it is undoubtedly living the most glorious time in its history. The precordillerano cast seems to have left the hell that lived with the second places in the past, and now in San Carlos de Apoquindo They have become used to lifting trophies regularly.

Mark González and Cristián Álvarez, former players of “La Franja”, agree that the current Catholic University is the best of all time.

“The generation of the three-time championship is the best in history at UC (…) Gorosito and Beto Acosta’s was impressive, but they didn’t get as many titles. By achievement and play, the ‘tri’ generation is better; having a tremendous team and not being a champion is not of much use “, they pointed out in the program Taste of TNT Sports Goal.

Álvarez is considered a UC idol.

“In this version of UC we would be hugging on the bench (…) Beyond jokes, if we would have room, what’s more, players like us are needed, “they added with a laugh.

It should be remembered that the “Huaso” managed to enjoy part of this “Golden Generation” of the Catholic, because he was champion twice in 2016 and another in 2018, before hanging the booties.

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