The three most important romances of Galilea Montijo that led her to say yes

Martha Galilea Montijo Torres is your full name. Today with 48 years -In addition to looking gorgeous-, she is already a recognized and prominent presenter, host and actress on Mexican television.

Until very recently, she was one of the favorite hosts on the show. “Today“from Televisa for his charisma and talent. However, after many years, he couldn’t take it anymore and finally resigned in the middle of the live program.

Regardless of your work life, Galilea Montijo in her private life she always did her best to be very discreet. However, the driver – in one way or another – was always caught by the paparazzi in the company of “one” of her romances.

It could be said that in the face of so many rumors – throughout his life – these are the three most important romances of Galilea Montijo that led her to say yes definitely with who is currently her husband, Fernando Reina Iglesias.

It is worth remembering that Montijo has been married for 10 years and remains more in love than ever. As a result of their love with Fernando Reina they have a son named Mateo. However, in her love career, it would be impossible to miss the most important romances that led her to finally say yes.

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The 3 most important romances of Galilea Montijo

The driver in 2001 got engaged to a Venezuelan, although it never materialized because they decided to end their romance. Then in 2007 she met a Cuban named Gilberto Sobrero, although it also ended up being a deceased romance.

After that love break, which was important to her, love again touched her heart and she fell madly in love with the former footballer Cuauhtémoc White. It could be said that it was the most talked about courtship in the media, but due to the infidelities on the part of the player, they ended their love relationship.

A couple of years passed and Galilea Montijo decided to resume his love life. This is how he met the plastic surgeon Jorge Krasovsky. They met on the program “Hoy”, precisely from which he is currently away, and began their romance publicly in 2009.

To the surprise of many and especially the fans of Galilea Montijo, with Jorge Krasovsky they got engaged, although after some situations experienced by the driver – that little were made known -, they decided to cancel the wedding plans to the point of ending their romance.

But well, Those were the three most important romances of Galilea Montijo that led her to say yes and even though they were unsuccessful, they were of some use to her.

She is currently married to businessman Fernando Reina and although they have dodged some rumors, both continue to maintain a solid marriage. In fact, they recently celebrated their anniversary and shared it very happily on social media.

This was the list of his most outstanding romances. Did you know them? Safety pin!

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