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With the passing of the hours, however, several fissures have opened that she indirectly put on the table in a discussion on the networks with the influencer Natalia Bedoya.

After the results were revealed, the four losers – Paloma Valencia, Alirio Barrera, Rafael Nieto and Cabal herself – surrounded the winner and promised to become his squires.

It was even said that Cabal would be the head of the list to the Senate by the CD. It is a difficult challenge because she would replace, with respect to the past elections, no less than Uribe in that position.

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Several of Cabal’s followers not only defend her candidacy, but also express their surprise with the results that gave Zuluaga the victory because they had the perception that she was going to win because of the way in which she had tuned in with the voters.

The news not only took away the shine of Zuluaga’s election, but also produced the second fissure in the party’s hosts. Several of its militants believe that it must solve their situation in the shortest possible time and in the most transparent way. They know the impact that an event like this has on the eve of the elections.

She, however, has said no. And, in addition, he assures that he will continue in the position. Arias’ passage through the Chamber has been marked by several controversies in which the opposition has fallen hard on him, but also even the members of the CD themselves.

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In Santos’ opinion, his colleague was hiding in order not to sign a bill to reduce a month’s vacation to Congress. A fact in which Uribe had to enter to put order.

In a low voice, the parliamentarians of the CD recognize the negative impact that Arias’s decision to confront the Externado has on the electoral campaign, after all, it is one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America.

Although the instruction from the direction of the community is the one of support towards her. “The Democratic Center party considers that all citizens have the right to due process and to maintain, guarantee the presumption of innocence. The president of the House is not immune to this, so today we support our president to continue exercising her position in the House of Representatives, “said the spokesman for the community, Juan David Vélez.

There are those who consider that yes. To the point that the former head of the negotiating team of the Colombian State in Havana, Humberto de la Calle Lombana, wrote on his Twitter account: “I am in the meeting for 5 years of the Agreement. Welcome President Duque to the YES ”.

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Duque, for his part, not only defended what was signed but also the progress made by his government. He was so detailed in his diagnosis that even Antonio Guterres, secretary general of the United Nations, UN, concluded: “I have nothing to add to the president, we have a clear and strong commitment from the Government of Colombia and the United Nations. United in the implementation of the peace agreement ”.

In conclusion, the hitherto very united Democratic Center party shows a different situation.

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