The third force in Bahía Blanca is called Avanza Libertad

“We worked hard for this and, somehow, we realized that we were going to achieve what we proposed. It is no longer a question of a competition, but of a transmission of values ​​”.

Valeria Rodríguez, candidate of Libertad, said it the list that was imposed in the intern of Avanza Libertad, the party led by José Luis Espert and Carolina Píparo.

With 96.2% of the polls counted at midnight, Rodríguez had accumulated 6,869 votes versus 6,153 for Juan Martín Barrionuevo, candidate of the United Republicans.

With 13,022 votes (8.74%), Avanza Libertad became the third largest force in the Bahía Blanca district, behind Juntos (47.75%) and Frente de Todos (21.92%).

“The people who came this last week to get the ballot took us by the hand to say: ‘Don’t let us down; that the salary (that they are going to charge for their functions) does not silence them ‘. That is the motivation that drives us, ”added Rodríguez.

The celebrations of the Libertad list.

“Now we are going to deepen this achievement. We have already positioned ourselves and we are going to work on our reference, to make ourselves known more. And when I say this it is not only because of what one does in the networks, with the media, but also the work that we had started with the networks in relationships, in projects and in jobs. We are going to focus on consolidating the third force ”, he assured.

For his part, Juan Martín Barrionuevo said they had expectations of being able to reach the general elections to compete for one or two councilors.

“The results of now leave us very happy for what is to come,” he admitted.

Juan Martín Barrionuevo (left), at the Alem 1044 headquarters.

“Anyway, you have to review the way you vote. We had a lot of problems with the counting of the votes. It is badly registered by the system that exists and the internal that was in our party is unknown ”, he added.

“Of course there was no bad intention, but we are very attentive to this issue due to the differences (of votes) that we have in the two lists, since a correction could mark a change in trend,” he said.

People’s pocket

For her part, at the headquarters of Avda. Alem 1044, Karina García from Bahia, a candidate for national deputy for Avanzar Libertad, said this result motivates them for the future.

“The vision is to keep working to wake up the people and give this epic and titanic cultural battle to get socialism out of the people; that is to say, that thought that we can continue to live off the State, because every time that happens we lose Argentines, ”he said.

“We know that, today, people choose liberalism. That is why we are very happy with the great survey that was carried out today (for this Sunday) in Argentina and we are waiting for more definitions ”, said García.

“In these two months that we have left, we will continue to fight with this team of people of good, hard work and commitment, since we are the only ones who are willing to defend people’s pockets,” he said.

“Today, people vote for another alternative. Our intention is to depolarize Argentina and be a third powerful force in the province of Buenos Aires. And we see our flow of votes in the youth ”, he expressed.

Karina García, candidate for national deputy for Avanzar Libertad.

“What we want is for our children not to leave (the country). With Erika (for Vicondoa, second-term candidate for provincial deputy) we entered politics with that intention. The exit cannot be Ezeiza. We have to give another direction to Argentina. And I think the young people understood it ”, he concluded.

Precisely, Vicondoa from Bahia said that Avanzar Libertad is in eight of the 22 districts of the Sixth Section and that now they have an important challenge ahead of them to cover the entire territory.

“We have to tell them what we want to do, because they don’t know us around there. But it is challenging also because by talking to the people we know what are the needs and the issues that the big parties never deal with. We will try to take all those projects from the Sixth to Congress, ”he indicated.

Erika Vicondoa y Guillermo Castello.

For his part, Guillermo R. Castello, first candidate for provincial deputy for List No. 1 Libertad de Avanza Libertad, from Mar del Plata, commented that in Argentina we must change the way of voting.

“It is something that the traditional political class is not willing to change. The big parties remain comfortable with this situation, where it is necessary that there are 40,000 prosecutors to control an election ”, he explained.

“That can only be had by the ruling party, because they can finance it. They were paying each prosecutor 3,000 pesos, something that we cannot do. We must modify this 19th century system. Even so, we reached 6.35% of the votes for the Sixth and we plan to reach 9% ”, he concluded.

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